What's it like Working at Berg Pipe?


A Company Culture Made of Steel

Our company is a lot like our product: made to weather any storm in any condition. Our product is utilized in a wide array of extraordinary settings–from the extreme heats of the desert or the lowest temperatures of arctic environments to the intense pressures of the deep sea.

A Company Culture Made of Integrity

We are able to do this by allowing integrity to guide our company culture. We infuse integrity into the way we interact with our local and global community, we build meaningful relationships in and around our company, and we foster the creation of a product that moves beyond compliance.

A Company Culture Beyond Compliance

We are adamant about following OSHA safety procedures, offer comprehensive on-the-job training occasionally mixed with in-class instruction, and our human resources team and managerial staff know exactly how to keep everything on par with all relevant industry guidelines.

However, we do more. We believe it is important to be involved in our community, to give back locally and globally, to treat our employees with respect, to encourage teamwork, to build lasting relationships, and to create an environment in which those who join our team gain lifelong skills.


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